{Privacy Policy & Information}

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There may be times in the course of our relationship as blogger {that’s me} and reader {that’s you} that for one reason or another, you may share sensitive information with me, possibly including, but not limited to, your email address, your real name, your phone number, or even your mailing address. During the course of our conversations, whether through email, messaging, etc, you may share personal details with me about your family and your family’s situation. 

Therefore, I’d like to make the following promises to you, as a matter of course so that you know exactly where I stand and you can feel safe and confident sharing this type of information with me {because I would hate for our conversations to be stunted because you couldn’t trust me not to blab your name all over cyber-space!}

  • I will not share any of your personal information with anyone. This means I will not sell or trade your information to companies or other bloggers, I will not solicit you with unwanted email or snail mail. I will not use your information to profit in any way.

  • I will not gossip about you. This means both in cyber-space and in real life. This does not mean that I may not ask my husband’s opinion and advice about a situation if I feel I need his guidance, but our discussions, and your information, is completely private.  

  • I will not mention you, or use you as an example in a blog post, unless I get your explicit permission to do so. {If you are my real-life family who I interact with frequently, and therefore mention a lot, you are obviously excluded from this, but I won’t post anything negative about you -family & close friends- without you reading it first!} I am here to encourage women and moms & share my journey, not drag people downwards. 

  • Although by law I must store any information having to do with business for tax purposes, which may include your information if you are a winner of a give-away that I personally sponsored,etc, I do not store this information where it can be easily accessed in the unlikely event that my site or my personal computer is hacked. In this unlikely possibility where the information is compromised before it can be safely removed from my computer,  I will contact you personally by email as soon as I am aware that the information is not completely private any longer so that you can take appropriate steps to protect yourself further.

This privacy policy is subject to change, but should be assumed to be the most recent because I will update in a timely manner in the event of changes to policy.

{To Contact me with questions, suggestions, complaints, or inquires, click here.}

{If you are curious about my Disclosure Policy, click here.}

{For information about my Advertising Policy and Prices, click here.}

And as always, remember to subscribe and comment often! I ❤ my readers!!


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