{Disclosure Information for Readers & Potential Sponsors}

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Although I began blogging years ago simply for the pure joy of documenting our lives, it quickly became clear that there are many opportunities available to a mom who is as chatty as I am: mainly the opportunity to supplement my family’s income just by writing and using things that I would probably write about and use anyway. This being the case, it behooves me to follow the law and give you the following information: 

{Disclosure Information for Readers & Potential Sponsors}

This blog is written by me, and is full of my honest opinion and experiences.

Companies may solicit the opportunity to have themselves mentioned on my blog here, but I reserve the right to hold the final say in what content is published on my blog.

Neither my good graces, or my good review can be bought; my integrity is worth more than any company can afford.

It is also to my discretion whether or not I publish a review for a company that I have a bad experience with. Trust me, if I don’t like your product or company, it’s will probably be better for you that I decided to not publish my opinions on it, because my good graces cannot be bought. There are several ways that I utilize in order to make extra money for my family on my blog, including but not limited to, affiliate links, paid reviews, sponsored posts, and sidebar advertising. {If you are a company looking for information about advertising with me, please read my advertising information here.} 

Any time that one of these are present, affiliate links, paid reviews, and sponsored posts, they will be clearly marked as such so that you have the knowledge that you may be funding my daughter’s cheer camp or my sons’ next baseball season when you click through and make a purchase.  (With the exception of sidebar advertising, assume that these are paid ads because they probably are!) 

Any company offering an affiliate program that I chose to work with can be trusted to be an honest, upstanding company that I have had good personal experience with and other moms can depend on because my good graces cannot be boughtMost commonly when there are affiliate links, you will see the following graphic that will let you know that the post contains links that I will make money from, and clicking on the graphic will send you directly back here: 


In the case of sponsored posts where I am compensated because of the entire page with monetary compensation and/or free products or services, and not just the links, you will see the following graphic posted within the post, which will lead you back here as well: 

sponsored post

This disclosure statement is subject to change, but should be assumed to be the most recent because I will update in a timely manner in the event of changes to policy.

{To Contact me with questions, suggestions, complaints, or inquires, click here.}

{If you are curious about my Privacy Policy, please click here.}

{For information about my Advertising Policy and Prices, click here.}

And as always, remember to subscribe and comment often! I ❤ my readers!! 


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