{Advertising Policy & Rates}

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Because “My Almost Domesticated Life” is a relatively new blog, I will not try to impress any you, my potential advertisers, with claims of glory and mass marketing. What I will tell you about this blog, and what you can expect from your investment in advertising with me is honesty and integrity from an author who has written on dozens of topics that have been read by thousands of people and has made the conscious choice to value quality over quantity in life, money, and everything else I do.

When you decide to advertise with me here on “My Almost Domesticated Life”, here is what you can expect:

  • Although readership is small at this point, I am committed to growing the following here by developing relationships built on trust, interaction, and reliability. Don’t advertise with me if you are expecting to reach thousands and thousands of of nameless, faceless people who may or may not randomly click over to your page and might possibly make a purchase. If we work together, I am committing to putting my name behind your product, and I want my readers to trust that my endorsement is not given lightly.
  • The companies I have approved and agreed to work with have proved themselves to me to be dependable and life-enhancing to women like myself, and have missions that are complimentary to my mission here at ‘My Almost Domesticated Life’Don’t expect me to automatically agree to allow your advertising just because I am desperate as a small blogger, because my good graces cannot be bought. I want the opportunity to work with companies who want to improve the lives of people, not those just out to make a profit. 
  • Expect to be dealt with honestly. If you’ve read my blog, you know that honesty is very important to me and my family. Therefore, when we work together, I will both give you explicit honesty seasoned with grace, and expect the same in return from you. 

{If you are still interested in advertising with me, please read on!}

{Advertising Rates & Packages} 

…and yes, they are all named after fruit! I never claimed to be normal!

blank Ad

The Grape Package Includes: {The Basic Package} $30

  • A Standard Size Ad {pictured above} on the sidebar for 30 days. {Ads must follow our “ad policy” below.}
  • At least two mentions and/or affiliate links in blog posts for the duration for of your ad period. 
  • A listing on the ‘Affiliates‘ Page for the duration of your ad period. 

The Orange Package Includes: {The Deluxe Package} $55

  • A Standard Size Ad {pictured above} on the sidebar for 60 days. {Ads must follow our “ad policy” below.}
  • At least two mentions and/or affiliate links in blog posts per 30 day period for the duration of your ad period.
  • A listing on the ‘Affiliates‘ Page for the duration of your ad period. 

The Banana Package Includes: {The Premium Package} $80

  • A Standard Size Ad {pictured above} on the sidebar for 90 days. {Ads must follow our “ad policy” below.}
  • A least three mentions and/or affiliate links in blog posts per 30 day period for the duration of your ad period.
  • A listing on the ‘Affiliates‘ Page for the duration of your ad period. 

{Other Individual Ad-On’s & Available Advertising}

Premium Ad at the top of all blog posts.  $20/five blog posts

{All ads must adhere to the “Ad Policy” below.}

premium ad

Sponsored Post {or Product Review} $35

For sponsored posts, I must receive the product or services in an appropriate amount for me to give an honest and thorough review {For example, please don’t send me one 1st grade workbook when I have two 1st graders or a subscription for one child when I have six… you get the idea.}

I also require an extra item in order to offer a give-away to my readers with the sponsored post. 

I require a period of up to one month to review the product or service before writing and posting my review. 

Ad Design for one of the above packages $10/$25

{These ads will feature a specific graphic in .jpeg format for My Almost Domesticated Life and will not become your property until after your advertising period has expired, and will still contain my watermark.} 

{For rates and packages for designing ads for general use for your company or blog, please contact me here.}

{Ad Policy}

  • All ads must be designed by you as a .jpeg file, unless you include Ad Design in your package.
  • All ads must be appropriate for all audiences. Any ad featuring nudity, overt sexuality, or inappropriate language will be rejected. Any ads that are for stores or products that are strictly for adult use may be rejected if I believe the company is encouraging inappropriate behavior or thoughts.
  • Advertising fees are non-refundable.
  • Advertising fees must be paid in advance via Paypal. Renewals and upgraded packages will be due no later than 3 days before the end of your current advertising contract.

{If you need more information, or would like to request a media package with a complete list of services, products, and contract details, please feel free to contact me here.}

{To check out my current Affiliates & Sponsors, click here.}

{If you are curious about my Privacy Policy, please click here.}

{For information about my Disclosure Policy, click here.} 

And as always, remember to subscribe and comment often! I ❤ my readers!!


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