A New Addition

It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long since I’ve posted regularly on here. Life just gets away from you sometimes and you look up and all this time is passed! 

I’ve had many people contact me about continuing, at least with our homeschooling posts and so I wanted to drop you a line that I have a whole bunchedy bunch lined up started next month, mostly about getting everything organized and hashed out for this upcoming school year! 

Outside of that, I reckon I will take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest star in my almost domesticated life: Artie! 



He’s a “rescued” wild kitty that my husband found at one of his jobs. When my mom saw him that evening, she promptly declared that she would take his brother, but when the hubs went back to catch the other one, a dog had gotten into their stall (they were in a barn) and eaten him. So, Artie joined us on just the right day! 🙂