How I’m Starting the School Year Out Right + A Giveaway!

As I lay out the stacks of papers and books for my children to use during school today, I realized exactly how much our homeschooling life has changed over the past five years. When we first got started homeschooling, way back in 2008, it mainly consisted of my and Miss Harmony hunkered down on the couch, flipping through picture books and searching for the letter A as we slowly read and discussed through each page. 

I had absolutely no idea about anything, just that I wanted to homeschool my darlings, and it was critical that they learn to read and write. I didn’t know who Charlotte Mason was or what was the difference between a classical education and a delight directed education. I just wanted to educate my children without having to subject them to the harshness of the public school system, where the elementary school was regularly searched by drug dogs and children in middle school were given condoms and hormonal birth control in an effort to prevent any more pregnant twelve-year-olds walking the hallways.

It’s been through the years of reading many, many books and picking the minds of the much more experienced homeschoolers that I’ve met in real life and online that I’ve been able to grow and learn about the best way to teach my children, as well as how to understand how they learn. Because I’ve learned that the absolute best way to give my children the very best education possible is to never stop learning myself, and to immerse myself in the wisdom of those who have come before me.

Not that I’ve arrived, but I’m growing. 

That’s why I was so, so excited when my friend, Pat Mills from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine emailed me and offered me a ticket to the Schoolhouse Expo 2013, which is happening August 19 through August 23 from Noon to 7PM {Central Time}!

expo banner tos

I’m getting the opportunity to ‘sit at the feet’ of some amazing, experienced homeschoolers and glean information from their minds. If you’ve never been to a homeschooling conference, you  are missing such a valuable experience filled with so much information about homeschooling, managing your home, and surviving the homeschool experience. The Schoolhouse Expo is a week long conference is chock full of information, advice, and learning for parents. I mean, just seriously check out this speakers list:

Ray Comfort {from}

Dean Butler {Almanzo from Little House on the Prairie}

Barbara Beers {Latin Road/ Phonics Road}

Diana Waring {History Alive!}

Hal & Melanie Young {Raising Real Men}

Kim Kautzer {WriteShop}

Jessica Hulcy {KONOS}

Toldd Wilson {The Familyman}

Terri Johnson {Knowledge Quest}

Tyler Hogan {Confessions of a Homeschool Graduate}

Marie Rippel {All About Learning Press}

Jennifer Courtney {Classical Conversations}

Deborah Wuehler {Senior Editor, TOS}

Heather Laurie {Special Needs Homeschooling}

Malia Russell {Homemaking 911}

{+ MORE!}

I mean, come on! Can I just say *Squeal!* What makes it even better is that the Schoolhouse Expo is a virtual conference: meaning that I fully plan to attend, sitting right here in my kitchen, my comfy slippers on my feet, and my children at the table behind me doing their own homeschool work! And if I need to miss a session or two, it’s not going to be gone forever because I can just watch the recording {which comes included in the ticket price} whenever I get the free time.

Now for the fun part!

I happen to have the opportunity to share this experience with one of my readers here at My Almost Domesticated Life- Entirely Free!! {Woot!} So, starting today, and ending on August 12th at 6pm {again, central time}, you will have the opportunity to enter to win a ticket to attend Schoolhouse Expo 2013 from the comfort of your own home! All you have to do is enter the drawing below!

Because I still haven’t set up my blog hosting elsewhere {I’m still on}, you will need to simply click through to the giveaway link provided here to enter! Don’t worry- it just takes you to the Rafflecopter giveaway information so that you can easily record your entries and then click on “Go Back” to come back here. 🙂  {Sorry for the inconvenience!}

My Almost Domesticated Life’s TOS Schoolhouse Expo 2013 Giveaway!