How to Post the Shortlink to Your Post in your Photo Description

This topic came up in one of my Facebook groups a few days ago where someone didn’t know exactly what I meant or how to accomplish it, and I really wanted to explain it, but couldn’t really do it without pictures. So here is the simplest way I know to add your shortlink to your photos’ description so it will show up when the images are pinned. It should be known right from the get-go that this is one of those pieces of advice that I “sometimes but not every-time” follow, simply because #1- I usually don’t have the time to go through the process and #2- Well, usually I just don’t have time. It’s not a long process and can help a lot when you’re seeking out a new readership, but it is effort and I prefer my bloggy-i-ness to be as effortless as possible.

Step 1 – Find your permalink for your blog post. It’s in a slightly different place on Blogger and other platforms, but is marked similarly (or was the last time I used Blogger). Copy it onto your clipboard. (Highlight/Right click/Copy or Highlight/Ctrl+C) If you can’t find it, you can always publish your blog post like normal, then click it to view and copy the permalink from the address bar, then go back to “Edit” your post and continue on with the same steps. (be careful not to use the preview link though!)

How to Add a Shortlink to Your Photo Description for Pinterest.

Step 2: Get the actual shortlink. There are many places online to do this, but my favorite (and I think the most trusted) is Just paste (Right Click/Paste or Ctrl + P) your copied permalink into the box and click “Shrink It”

How to Add a Shortlink to Your Photo Description for Pinterest.


 Step 3- Add it to your pictures. You’re going to open your photos up to edit…

Are you still following along?


 …then type your blog title and paste your shortlink into your photo’s “alternative text” box. 

See? It works!


Then when someone wants to Pin one of your photos onto, you get this nice pretty description that gets passed around with your photos. (Unless someone deletes it. And I, personally, don’t delete them if someone has taken the time to put them on there!)


Back when I used Blogger last, the process was basically the same, with the main difference being that the photo editing showed up at the side of the page instead of the top/center. That’s been a little over a year ago, though so it may not be that way anymore. (The question also included using PicMonkey to ‘sign’ or ‘watermark’ your photos, but I’ll do that in another post!)

But that’s all there is to it! Hope that helps! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!