A Day in the Life

This post is one of those that I’ve actually dreaded writing. Not because of the fact that my day is usually a fight against becoming entirely disordered (which it is) or because of the fact that it’s almost impossible to really describe the intricacies that culminate in creating this occasionally eccentric homeschooling mom that is me (although… it kind of is.) Mainly, I didn’t want to write this post because I tend to be my own worst critic and therefore see all these looming gaps where “if I just…it would…” so as I’ve read through other entries in this lovely little blog hop, I think “Why can’t I just do it like that”. BUT, because I just must, I took a pencil and jotted down the events from a day last week… so here it is for your reading enjoyment:


A Day in My Life: August 2013

{School Day # 27 of 2013-2014 School Year}

{As a little bit of background information, this was a Tuesday after I’d had a very long night Sunday/Monday… I’m not always this sleepy!}

4:30 am: I am reminded, once again, as my alarm blares out before the crack of dawn, that one of my favorite things about homeschooling is ‘sleeping late’ when I want to. I hit the snooze on my phone, roll over and go back to sleep.

4:39 am: The alarm clock goes off again, but my husband hits the snooze this time. Good man… good man.

4:48 am: I make a mental note to change the length of the snooze on my phone from the default 9 minutes to the longest setting available… I think it’s like 3 hours or something. Yeah. 3 Hours would be good. I dismiss my alarm and toss a pillow over my head to ward off the brightening sky.

5:15 am: See? This is why I’m odd. I forgot that I set an alarm for when I don’t want to get up to my first alarm and now this one has some irritating problem I have to solve before I can hit the snooze, and to dismiss it takes cognitive faculties that are entirely unavailable for me before my shower. I roll out of bed, leave the alarm blaring for my husband to sleep through and hop in the shower.

5:45 am: Some of my brain is clearing at this point, and I grab a root beer {since I went caffeine free a couple months ago} and sit down with my bible and my journal. I keep meaning to kick the sugar habit, but then I remind myself “baby steps, Desi, baby steps!” so I have a root beer with my morning reading. I’m still in the middle of a two week mentoring study for the next session of Good Morning Girls, so I flip to the day’s SOAP selection, and doodle and journal my way through it. I get finished, and flip through my prayer list (which #1-really needs to be updated, and #2- I really need to spend more time on) and sit in my chair and try and decide what to do next. My late night the night before catches up with me and I fall back asleep until the alarm goes off {Yes, the third alarm for the day!} at 6:45.

6:45 am: It’s time to wake my husband and kids up, so I make my rounds knocking on doors “Rise and shine, Sunshines! Time to get out of bed! C’mon sleepy-heads!” The children typically don’t complain {a lot} but my husband always asks if he can go back to bed, to which I chirp something like this: “Sure! Who needs to pay the light bill or buy groceries after all? We’ll all move to Brazil and be beach bums!” It usually warrants me an eye roll,  but occasionally, he’ll chime “There’s too many bugs in Brazil. Let’s move to Alaska and we’ll be snow bunnies instead.” ::sigh:: my husband… the comedian.

7:00 am: We all pile into the “Bus-mobile” (my kids’ nickname for our full-size van) and drive my husband to work. (This is a regular occurrence since his seizures started and has even be delegated it’s own time slots on our MOTH schedule. ) We finish out disc 3 of The Hobbit right where Bilbo and Smaug are finally meeting and realize that I forgot disc 4 at home so my husband pops in the Les Misérables soundtrack to fill up the rest of the trip. I hear the boys in the backseat belting “Look Down” at the top of their lungs when one of them pipes up “Hey Dad! You remind me of Javert!” “Why? Because I’m that intense and determined?”Josh replies with a smirk. “No! Because you’re that hairy!”

7:45 am: We get back home, minus Daddy, and the children are supposed to be doing morning jobs and getting dressed while I make breakfast. Says so right there on our MOTH schedule! In reality though, I’m burning the second batch of oatmeal for the day while the kids sneak out the front door in their boxers and nightgowns to pick apples from the backyard instead of making their beds and putting on their shoes. I finally wrangle them inside and shovel some cinnamon oatmeal in front of them while I sit down to check my email and Facebook while I print out the rest of the day’s school work.

9:00 am: Our schedule says that we’re supposed to start school at 9am, so I go to hunt down the Littest Tot. Who is miraculously no where to be found. Sadly, I’m nowhere near worried yet, when I can’t find him roaming through the house or planted in front of the TV watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Since I began attempting to organize my kitchen cabinets, Jude usually is found hiding in one of the formally packed, but now empty (or mostly empty) cabinets. I start opening cabinet doors and find him -dozing away-

2013-08-26 10.45.29


I wake him up and we start working on his Kindergarten work while the other kids drag out their binders and try to decide what to do when. This is actually covered on our schedule, but there is still some debate about what should be done when. It’s a work in progress. : -) 

9:45 am: Jude is mostly done with his lessons and worksheets for the day, so I call Gabe and Elijah in to work on their Grammar and Fred. (Fred is technically ‘Life of Fred’ or what normal people would call math…) All three littler boys do this work together. They are learning about proper nouns, and specially family names and first names. I ask them what their very own first name is and they sing out from around the table. “Lucas!” says Elijah. “Boogerbutt!” says Gabe.  Jude huffs for a minute and growls,”I was gonna say that GABE!” Taking a lesson from five years of raising boys, I just go with it and write down ‘Lucas, Boogerbutt’ and ‘Gabe’ down on the chalkboard and continue on with the lesson. (A week later, they’re still laughing about their ‘awesome joke’ and inadvertently have memorized their capitalization rule in the retelling of their story!). Fred’s boat starts to leak, so we’re all pretty worried about whether he’ll make it back to shore or not (and we learn a little bit of mathematics in the process). They are almost through Apples, so it’s getting pretty exciting every time we sit down for math lessons.

10:20 am: I start the boys on their rounds of lessons, worksheets, workbooks, and reading while I alternate correcting phonics work and herding Jude back to his bedroom for ‘quiet play.’

Then back to his room for Quiet Play.

Then back again. 

And again.

and again. 


{Continued Tomorrow!}


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