It’s time for Good Morning Girls again!

Although I occasionally have moments in real life where I just have to clap my hands and say “Yea!”, I try to avoid doing it too often on my blog here. I admit, I do sometimes feel like a little bit of a Debbie Downer, but over-exuberance almost never comes across as well in writing as it does in real life.



Okay, okay. I’ll take it back a few steps here. If you know me, like at all, you know I am a huge fan of Good Morning Girls and I have been a dedicated devotee to the whole philosophy, group, and blog for-like-EVER!  I’ve participated in several groups over the past couple of years, and have always come away from the session exited, motivated, and refreshed (even though I’m getting up decidedly earlier!) This session, for the first time ever, I am actually facilitating my very own group!


If you don’t know what Good Morning Girls is here’s my brief synopsis:

  • It’s a bunch of women from all around the world being led by some truly amazing, although incredibly humble, coordinators.
  • The groups of Good Morning Girls interact and hold each other accountable as we both work on instituting better habits in ourselves and study God’s Word.
  • We also get to just hang out, chat, pray, and make new friends with like-minded women both locally and across the country (and sometimes around the world!)

Sooo… If you’re interested in joining me, there’s only two things you need to do:

#1- Subscribe to GMG’s daily emails.

This way you’ll have access to the materials that subscribers have for free -everyone else has to pay for these awesome studies!!- and can participate in the group activity. You can reach their website by clicking on this graphic ~~>

GMG~Desi's Group PIC

Then, just fly on over to Facebook by clicking this adorable owl and request to join my group! There is a maximum number of members for each group, so …. hurryhurryhurry! 

Enrollment closes on September 1st, so time is a little limited!!

For this session, we are studying Luke 17-24, and our session is entitled “Love like Jesus”. 

I’m so excited!!

It’s going to be awesome!!

I hope you’ll join me!!


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