A Love Letter to “Bread and Wine”


I have a little bit of a confession here:

I tend to devour books.

As in, I read them quickly, rushing through each page to get to the goodness- whether the goodness is a plot point or a recipe or an action plan.

It’s a bad thing, yes… I know.

But then I got this copy of Bread and Wine.

And it took me two glorious weeks to read.

You see, in this books, Shauna Niequist writes about the very thing that holds us all captive: life. From the first essay-style chapter “My Mom’s Blueberry Crisp” to the last “Come to the Table”, Mrs. Niequist brings you along on her journey, from childhood memories, to adulthood tragedy; good and bad times all become interwoven beautifully between faith, food, and good conversation.

I was suckered in, I admit. This was one of those books that I thought I had to read because all my savvy and awesome friends were digging into it. But it was much, much better than the hype. The reviewers always mention how Mrs. Niequist speaks like she’s your really awesome girlfriend over for coffee, but leave out how she makes you laugh along with her antics and tugs your heart strings with her sorrow. Although the book is written in a very straightforward manner, the stories grab on and worm their way down into your mind so that you are still chuckling about the story she told while you’re making Go-To Risotto.

And that brings me to the food… good gracious, the food! At this point {about a month after receiving the book} I have made almost every recipe Mrs. Niequist shared… and am still making them! The Go-To Risotto served for an impromptu dinner party; the white bean chili has become a new family staple. The breakfast cookies magically vanish the moment they hit the plate, and the Nigella’s Flourless Chocolate Brownies- ohmygoodness! The first recipe I tried is probably my most used one: simple, heavenly salad dressing.  Even better the recipes are both relatively quick to make and most are gluten free.

This book is the first in a long time that I voluntarily slowed down and mulled over the chapters. I have, since reading it the first time, continued to re-visit both the recipes and the stories, and cannot foresee it losing it’s spot on the front page of my Kindle any time soon!


I received a complimentary copy of Bread and Wine to review from Booksneeze.com, but all the opinions expressed are mine based on my experience reading this book.


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