Hanging in There

While I’m already in sad shape as far as my goals for blogging this month {as in, I wanted to blog 3-4 times a week, and I’ve blogged ummm… way less than that}, I have actually torn a few moments aside from my hectic and aggravating Wednesday to write just-a-few-words-just-because-I-want-to.

I mean, that’s the funny bit, isn’t it? While we spend so much time dedicating ourselves to both lifestyle choices and planning, we still find ourselves down in the trenches; squishing the bathroom door closed and locking it before any kids and get into it and sinking to our knees. We even tell ourselves that we are praying or something holy and righteous like that while we are just taking deep, deep breaths and trying to not scream.

And it’s okay. Really. It is.

I mean, that’s what life is about. That’s what makes it all worth while. Because, while we are scheming along trying to force everyone into reaching this crazy land of enough {smart enough, clean enough, pretty enough, well-behaved enough, ad nauseum}, life happens, children learn to read, and supper hits the table.

I’d be telling you a lie if I said that I wasn’t in one of those places. The children are highly distractable at times, entirely wild at others, and yet I resolve to soldier on because I know that eventually, kernel by kernel, these lessons I’m teaching and the time I’m investing will pay off.  Because I have to remind myself that I am not in these trenches for this day or the next, but for this day in ten years, in twenty, in fifty. Because my words are slowly creeping into their little minds and catching hold, inch by precious inch, and helping to shape them into the compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent adults that I pray daily that they become.

So… for the next {oh say} thirteen years, if I wonder off and leave you, my dear readers, neglected for a week or so, hang in there for me, okay? Because I’m hard at work here where I live. Because if I neglect these things here that I am charged with and created to tend for something that I decided I’d like to do, I’m neglecting the most important work and I don’t deserve you to read my words anyway. And because, truthfully, I am just hanging in there like the rest of ya’ll.


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