The Homeschool Mother’s Journal {August 10, 2013}

This was our first official week of homeschooling this year… and I’ve spent most of it pawing at my ear like a puppy dog. Yes, the ear ache that lasted a grand total of two days in each of my children has turned into a week long fiasco wherein I spend a great deal of time reminding myself that clawing my ear off will not get rid of either the pain or the muffled ringing … *sigh*

Onward to this week’s Homeschool Mother’s Journal, where I don’t have to pretend to hear anything coming out of my left ear for a while!!

In my life this week

The singular thing that has consumed my week is this awful ear infection. Yes, yes, there are amazing things happening all around me every single day, but if I’m honest {and the point of this blog is to give air to honesty} it’s all been overshadowed by the stabbing pain in my left ear.

Then, on Wednesday (when the local public school started back) I was getting calls to inform me that I had “children absent from school”. I called the Board of Education and discovered that they hadn’t received our registration as homeschoolers for this year! I let him know who had signed for the information and the date it was delivered, and he still couldn’t find it. I was a little worried, but the man handling it was super nice and said he was going to go double check in the mail room and make sure that it hadn’t gotten lost in there. About a half hour later, my phone is ringing again with him calling me back saying that he had found it, and not to worry because I didn’t need to send in any more information or another copy of our registration, and he would handle switching their registration to homeschool. I was so relieved: both that it had been found and that the man I spoke with was so kind and polite.

In our homeschool this week

We are just getting started and the kids are {so far} varying from doing exceedingly well to complaining because they can’t gossip with their friends on the school bus. I expected it, but that doesn’t mean that I particularly like it. It will be much better once we’re able to join the homeschool group in our area {which I keep forgetting to send in the application form for… :/ }

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing

We’ve recently begun to visit a new church that my hunny really likes, and the kids do as well. The only problem is that there is such a shortage of children at this church! Many times, including my six children, there are only 10 children there!! From what we’ve seen so far, we really like the church, it’s just the lack of children that is worrisome. On the other hand, it gives my kids a great opportunity, take for instance Wednesday night: We show up for bible study and join the ranks of about twelve other people who decided to make it. The children are seated around the table full of their elders, and are able to participate in reading and discussing the bible passages we are covering, as well as listening to the discussion going on around them. To me, that equals a great opportunity for the children to learn and grow!

My favorite thing this week was

When I went to the doctor on Thursday with Forrest {for his ear infection}, the doctor asked the obvious question: Do you need a school excuse? I answered, “Oh no, we homeschool!” The doctor then, politely, asked how it was I could homeschool all six children. Since she was being nice, I gave her a brief synopsis: Big kids do independent work in the mornings while I work with the younger ones, and then afternoons are for the big kids to work with me while the littler ones play quietly or nap. She smiled and proceeded to gush about how she thought it was absolutely amazing that homeschoolers could get through so much learning in half a day when kids at public school spend so much time to learn so much less. It just tickled me, because usually doctors and professionals are more skeptical of homeschooling!

My kiddos favorite thing this week was

Probably hanging out at the creek on Sunday afternoon! I didn’t get pictures {I know, I’m a bum! LOL} but they played and played for hours after church with some of their friends from down the road. The husbands searched for rocks and did ‘manly’ things, while me and their friend’s mom chatted, laughed at the kids, and oogled their baby. It was exhausting, but fun!

Things I’m working on

I am probably years and years behind this, but I recently ordered Managers of the Homes, and I’m working my way through reading it and setting up a schedule for our household! I remember reading all about it when it first came out, and all the hype and hoopla, and although I wanted it, I couldn’t really bring myself to spend that huge chunk of money on it. {In truth, I spent $33.50 on it: $25.00 for the book and $8.50 on two day shipping, but it feels like a chunk of money.}  Well, it only took me two days of working on school work until 5 in the afternoon or later {and fighting with this darn ear infection that makes me want to crawl into bed and cover my head for a week! } to convince me that we needed a more organized approach that will help the kids have more responsibility for their own learning. Hopefully, over the next couple of weeks, we’ll work out a schedule that will suit our family and give us an great outline of “what is meant to be done when” everyday.

I’m grateful for

{I almost stopped writing before this post, but I figured that since I’ve complained so much about my ear infection –the darn thing just will not go away!! 😦 – I’d better end my post on a more positive note!}

This week I’m grateful for… many things! The kind man at the Board of Education, the encouragement from our family doctor, our neighbor mowed my grass for the second week in a row and who fixed our lawn mower so I can mow the jungle that is my back yard. The lady from church who stopped by with two bags of organic potatoes and onions from Trader Joe’s just because, the man from down the road who brought the children a juicy, seedless watermelon. The sweet words from a lady at church who spent 32 years teaching school when she complimented my children and encouraged me to “keep doing what I’m doing”. 

Until next time!


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One thought on “The Homeschool Mother’s Journal {August 10, 2013}

  1. It’s always nice to hear or read about homeschoolers being treated kindly by school officials and getting encouragement from folks around them, like your doctor. I wish that happened more often! Still, I’m very grateful that we have had mostly positive reactions from people around us over our homeschool journey.

    Hope your ear infection clears up and you feel better! Visiting from HMJ – have a great week!

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