Mama’s Mission of the Month: August 2013 {+ What I Accomplished in July}

It’s hard to believe that it’s already almost August! July flew by far too quickly but was full of far too many emotional highs and lows for my taste. Between my birthday, visiting family, and medical emergencies, I’m truthfully pretty darn tuckered out! Maybe I’m actually glad it’s almost August. Give me the opportunity for a fresh start, yet again.

So- wondering how my goals went for July?

Mama Jenn's Mission of the Month: Mission NOT YET Accomplished!


I got a lot accomplished, but not as much as I’d have liked to.


  • 1) Follow Fit2Be’s Beginning WorkOut Path & workouts. {Week 1:  Four 10-12 Minute Workouts/ Week 2:  Four 12-15 Minute Workouts/ Week 3: Three 15-20 Minute Workouts/ Week 4: Three 20-30 Minute Workouts + One Daily Double/ Week 5: Three 30-40 Minute Workouts + Stretching} I actually did this one.. mostly. I cheated … a little… because I counted going shopping as cardio a couple of times! {You know you’ve done it before!}
  • 2) Blog my way {once or twice per week} through Frumps to Pumps. Not even close. I read the first couple of challenges… does that count?
  • 3) Finish reading the Bible  Nope. Not there yet! Life got in the way and I found myself re-reading favorite passages instead…
  • 4) Read God Knows My NameSadly, I didn’t even get to crack this one open! It’ll be back on the list before too long.


  • 5) Establish “Parent’s Night” once per week.  It was a huge hit with the hubs and with the kids, who I bribed with no bedtime! 🙂
  • 6) Enforce Daddy’s Quiet Time every night. 
  • 7) Have at least one date {out of the house} night without the kids. {Maybe for my birthday?} Didn’t happen… Ehh… there’s always next month!



  • 11) Send in our Notice of Intent. 
  • 12) Order remainder of curriculum for this school year. 
  • 13) Design {or purchase} student planners for older children. 


  • 14) Read and implement Clean (Enough)
  • 15) Read Paperless Home Organization. 
  • 16) Complete Meal Planning {and blog about it!

Ministry/ Friendships/ Extended Family

  • 17) Invite a family over from church twice this month. 
  • 18) Have a July 4th party with friends and family. 

Blogging/ Writing

  • 19) Blog 3-4 times each week this month. This didn’t happen mainly because my husband ended up back in the hospital on the 20th and I was just done attempting to think about anything else for a while.
  • 20) Complete 140+ articles this month. {freelance/ contract/ etc.}

Mama Jenn's Mission of the Month

Onward to August! 



  • 1) Follow my workout calendar. 
  • 2) Read my “What I’m Reading” list for this month. 
  • 3) Focus on cementing my fall Morning and Evening Routine.
  • 4) Work my way through “Thin Within“.
  • 5) Stop drinking soda. 


  • 6) Continue with Parent’s Night once each week. 
  • 7) Enforce Daddy’s Quiet Time every night. 
  • 8) Have at least one date {out of the house} night without the kids. 


  • 9) Help the kids work on their fall Morning & Evening Routines.
  • 10) Continue to implement ideas from Creative Correction
  • 11) Enforce an electronic free night once a week. 


  • 11) Finish planning for August and September.  {I’d like to stay a month ahead this year, if possible!}
  • 12) Print out material for August and September. 
  •  13) Print out Leveled Readers for boys.


  • 14) Establish a workable system for laundry. 
  • 15) Form habit of doing daily checklist on Evernote.  
  • 16) Organize my closet.

Ministry/ Friendships/ Extended Family

  • 17) Invite a family over from church twice this month. 
  • 18) Make apple pies for neighbors and pastor. 

Blogging/ Writing

  • 19) Follow blogging calendar. 
  • 20) Begin planning for Nanowrimo! {Woot!}


So- we’ll see how it measures up this month! What goals do you have that you’re working on in August?



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