Great Resources For the “Wanna-Be” Wife

I have several good friends who are constantly asking me for advice and direction when it comes to their marriage and their children. Because it’s something that I’m so passionate about, I actually look forward to sharing the latest things that I’ve learned, read about, or figured out the hard way. But sometimes, there are just people who are way wiser and better equipped to share their experience than I am, because {Yes, I do admit this-occassionally} I am not perfect, I have not arrived, and I haven’t learned all the answers. Although I’m sure these ladies would say the same thing about themselves, these are the blogs/ websites/ etc. that I read when I need encouragement, and some of my favorite posts on each.  

The Alabaster Jar

The Alabaster Jar

How To Embrace Your Husband as the Head of the Home

Putting Up Hedges Around Your Marriage

When You Don’t See Eye to Eye With Your Husband

When to Set Boundaries in Your Marriage

Helping Your Husband to Lead” Series

“Love is a Choice” Series

Women Living Well

Managing Our Time, Family, and Home

Let Me Help You Pick Out Your Clothes

The Husband as the Head of the Home {In Opposite World}

Biblical Homemaking

{I pretty much wish that Mandy would publish CD’s of her Laundry Devotions…. everyone of these are helpful, but here’s my favorites!}

Laundry Devotions {On Contentment}

Laundry Devotions {On Priorities}

Laundry Devotions {On Envy and Idols}

Heavenly Homemakers

The Purposeful Mom


{Finding Hope in the Book of Ephesians} Series

Five Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me…

How to Answer Big and Little Questions

Teaching Character When You’re Busy

The Right and Wrong Motivations for Teaching Character

Time Warp Wife

The Beauty of Submission {Audio Sermon}

{Uncommon Love} Series

{Esther} Bible Study

There are many, many, many more that I adore across the whole wide web, but these are my ‘tried and true’ favorites. 🙂


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