Mama’s Mission of the Month: July 2013

Mama Jenn's Mission of the MonthFor those of you who have followed me from other outlets, you will already know that #1- I am obsessed with checklists #2- I adore Mama Jenn & her awesome blog, although I am saddened because she is one of the few bloggers I really love reading who I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to personally, which is probably entirely my own fault because I can’t work up the nerve to email her! {She is the only other blogger that I know of that has two sets of twins-like me!}


At any rate {since I’m finished geeking out about my Mama Jenn fandom} I was looking for a good place to post up and share a monthly goal planning checklist. I wanted some accountability {so I didn’t want to just post it all on my own} but I didn’t want to get lost throughout super strict posting guidelines or five hundred million entries. I’ve just been struggling with not constructing a detailed ‘goal’ list for each month because I kind of forget what I’m supposed to be devoting my time to.  {Which was a habit I used to swear by!} So… Mama Jenn’s link-up it is! : -)

My Mission for July


  • 1) Follow Fit2Be’s Beginning WorkOut Path & workouts. {Week 1:  Four 10-12 Minute Workouts/ Week 2:  Four 12-15 Minute Workouts/ Week 3: Three 15-20 Minute Workouts/ Week 4: Three 20-30 Minute Workouts + One Daily Double/ Week 5: Three 30-40 Minute Workouts + Stretching} 
  • 2) Blog my way {once or twice per week} through Frumps to Pumps. 
  • 3) Finish reading the Bible 
  • 4) Read God Knows My Name.


  • 5) Establish “Parent’s Night” once per week. 
  • 6) Enforce Daddy’s Quiet Time every night. 
  • 7) Have at least one date {out of the house} night without the kids. {Maybe for my birthday?}



  • 11) Send in our Notice of Intent. 
  • 12) Order remainder of curriculum for this school year. 
  • 13) Design {or purchase} student planners for older children. 


  • 14) Read and implement Clean (Enough)
  • 15) Read Paperless Home Organization. 
  • 16) Complete Meal Planning {and blog about it!

Ministry/ Friendships/ Extended Family

  • 17) Invite a family over from church twice this month. 
  • 18) Have a July 4th party with friends and family. 

Blogging/ Writing

  • 19) Blog 3-4 times each week this month. 
  • 20) Complete 140+ articles this month. {freelance/ contract/ etc.}


So what’s your mission for July?


One thought on “Mama’s Mission of the Month: July 2013

  1. Desi, you are too sweet and too kind! Thanks for linking up to the Mission of the Month! Now, onto the real deal…Woohoo, it’s cool finding another mom of multiple multiples!! Looks like you are one up on me though! I need to be taking tips from you!!!

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