Photo Editing Free?!? Why, yes it is!

Considering that I am most certainly not a natural photographer, I need all the help I can get!

My Sweet Hunny

My Sweet Hunny

That’s where Picmonkey comes in: hope for the poor, pitiful mom like me who just wants to have cute photos of her kids to share with friends and family members around the country.

Nieces are definitely included in 'cute photos of my kids'!

Nieces are definitely included in ‘cute photos of my kids’!

I even use Picmonkey to design all of the unique stuff for my blog: the header, the buttons: you name it, it cycled through Picmonkey (and probably through as well, but that’s another post!)

Imagine how sad I was when, a few months back, this awesome free service went to a subscription! Although the fee is very reasonable ($5 or so a month), I have to be conscience of how many of those ‘reasonable monthly fee’ services I subscribe to, because they add up FAST.

Now… imagine how ecstatic I was to read this post on Money Saving Mom while hunting up some of my favorite printables!!

Yeah… kind of that happy… 

Run Run Run on over to Money Saving Mom and get the promo code for your very own six month subscription to online photo editing awesomeness!

*I did not get compensated for any links in this post! I was just really excited to find this free offer, and wanted to share it with my peeps! : -)


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