{What I’m Reading This Month- June}

In the past several months, I have discovered a new problem that I never realized I would ever have to face: I don’t have time to read everything I get my hands on! For me, this is huge! I have to actually budget my reading time? Crazy!

I absolutely {hate} not being able to read everything  but such is this busy life, I suppose! Here are the books that made the cut this month, and those I {hope} I will be able to squeeze in.

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{Definitely Reading}

1. Beautiful Girlhood: Revised by Karen Andreola

I am debating assigning this to my girls to read this year, or possibly just reading it out loud to them. I’ve read through the book briefly, and am working my way through slower now so that I can catch anything that I’d want to quantify for the girls. This book is one of those that’s aimed around 10-13 years old {as far as I can tell} but when I read some of the reviews on it, I thought it would go along really well with our character study plans this year.

2. Created for Work: Practical Insights for Young Men by Bob Schultz

I bought this on a whim during my last book order for three reasons:

(1) My son and I had just finished a conversation about how any work we did {boys or girls} should be done the best we could, not just enough to ‘slide by’, which is what this book is about. {sort of}

(2) I have been looking for male specific ‘encouragement’ type books for the boys. I have a lot of things for the girls, but we are outnumbered 5:3 in this house, so I feel like I should focus a lot more than I do on my part of raising Godly young men.

(3) It was a recommendation. I’m a sucker for a good book. I have a compulsion to read popular books. ‘Nuff said.  {lol}

I am three chapters into reading it {I try to pre-read books before I pass them along to the family}, and so far I am really enjoying this one!

3. Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul by Jennie Allen

I bought this one for the current Good Morning Girls Bible Study {on a side note, if you don’t follow Good Morning Girls, you are seriously missing out!} and although we are just on Week 1, let me say Oh.My.Goodness. This book is AMAZING! I don’t want to put it down- Jennie Allen writes with candor and experience so that it feels like you are listening to your best friend chatting over coffee instead of reading pages in a book. I am {trying} to restrain myself from consuming this entire book in one setting… but it isn’t easy!

4. The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition) by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise

Yes, I’ve read this one probably a dozen times, but I think it deserves another read since I’m planning {and beginning to execute} our return to homeschool {Yippee!} this year. I had to break down and purchase a new copy because mine was loaned out a couple years ago ne’er to return. That should say something… I’ve been willing to spend $60 to buy this book new… twice.

5. Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess {Expanded Edition} by Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin

This probably counts for a re-read as well. I was fortunate enough to be able to “test read” the original release that Brooke wrote several years ago, and I am back {happily & eagerly} to read the expanded edition! {This is the first book on the list that I am reading from my Kindle App, btw.}

{Hopefully Reading}


How to Manage Your Mouth – A 30 Day Wholesome Talk Challenge by Connie Hughes

I hope I can get around to this book and dedicate the time to complete the challenges & journaling! Connie Hughes {aka Smockity Frocks} is my inspiration for just about everything… seriously. When she emailed everyone on her email list that she was offering this book to be read for free for only 24 hours… well… let me just say that I {may} have slightly overcooked our pasta that night while I downloaded it! Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to do more than peruse the book since I got it… and I {hope} to be able to rectify that this month!


Become the Confident Mom You’ve Always Wanted to Be – 31 strategies to improve your confidence as a woman, mother, and family manager by Susan Heid

Susan Heid also has an aka—The Confident Mom that I wrote about when I purchased her 2013 Summer Survival Calendar {which we are still loving, btw!}. She has so many awesome resources about homemaking and parenting that it’s hard to choose exactly what I want to read {and do} next! However, I finally bit the bullet and decided to purchase this book to read as soon as I have the opportunity—which will hopefully be this month!


*This post contains affiliate links, and any purchases you make from the above links will result in a small compensation for me. However- I didn’t add these books to my list because of the compensation… these are genuinely the books that I had already planned on reading this month! You can read my entire Disclosure Policy here


3 thoughts on “{What I’m Reading This Month- June}

  1. haha I start reading The Well Trained Mind every summer and every summer I poop out. Maybe this time…. I’ll have to look up How To Manage Your Mouth; thanks for the recommendations! You’ve been nominated by me for The Super Sweet Blogging Award!

    • Take the Well Trained Mind in bits and pieces! It’s not really meant to be read straight through… read what you need, then what you’re curious about, and then put it down. ; -)

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