An Almost Domesticated Week in Review {May 25, 2013}

Last week, I inadvertently wrote a short summary of what I had accomplished that day. I actually wrote that at about 4am, and scheduled it for later in the day. Since I was out sick a couple days this week with a stomach bug, I thought it would be fun to write a ‘week in review’ type post, so I didn’t feel bad about leaving out important events {several of which I plan on writing about later}! I actually have a lot of pictures that I want to share (ahem to my dear sister in law & bestie), so forgive me if the post takes a couple minutes longer than normal to load.

This week, and next week and the week after, we are reading the Hobbit. My little ones are doing so well, and I’m so proud! They are each asking me nightly to take turns reading a page or more for family reading time… I, of course, would not dare deny them!

We played in the garden, and caught ladybugs.


We made chocolate covered bananas and played in the rain.


In the middle of the week {when I didn’t feel like leaving my bed because I’d caught a stomach virus} I piled my kids around me and we worked on the Easy Peasy Chores system.

No, I don’t do chore systems in general, but the kids and I all are a little bit in love with this so far because it is the least ‘chore system-y’ chore system I’ve ever seen! {Definitely more on this later!}


A big ol’ box of awesomeness arrived via UPS….


Then a slightly smaller box of awesomeness came in the next day!


Then I made my very own batch of laundry detergent!


We also fixed the clothesline, repaired the trampoline {it had been blown over in a storm a couple of weeks ago}, cut the grass, mulched the roses, pruned the hedges, took reading assessments for all six children, wrote 60+ articles, fixed the lawnmower, and just had fun in general.

All in all, I feel like we have had an extremely productive week, especially for the first official week of summer break! It’s been a really busy week!



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