Week #1: The Summer Survival Challenge

The Confident Mom Summer Survival Calendar

On over at my {absolute favorite} blog to read in the mornings, Hello Morningsthey are participating in The Confident Mom Summer Calendar/ Summer Survival {Mini} Challenge, with the goal of planning, and having, the absolute best summer ever. Each Monday starting in May, Jenni from Hello Mornings is posting a different set of ‘homework’ challenges for us to complete. I love what she says about investing all this time instead of just flying by the seat of our pants 

In order to have a great summer, we must plan a great summer.

I, of course, am running behind on basically everything having to do with preparing for the summer with my children, but I am slowly but surely catching up! I didn’t know whether I was supposed to do it by myself or include the family, so I did what i always do in those situations: I called a family meeting! :- ) At any rate, here is what we’ve completed from Week #1’s Homework: 

√  Read the Entire Planner. 

{Duh!} I devoured the whole darn thing mere seconds after it hit my computer… remembering to clap my jaw closed only after one {or possibly two} of my children laughed at the absurd, stunned look on my face. I told my husband that evening “Just the May calendar was worth the money I spent on it, and look at all this other stuff!

√ Quiet Time Activity Sheet.

The children and I completed this together. So far, we’ve only come up with a partial list, but we all committed to filling it in the rest of the way before summer is over! A few of the activities we came up with are “Reading a book”/ “Reading your Bible”/ “Drawing”/ “Coloring” /”Sleeping”. {That last one was Daddy’s idea}

√ Ideas for Summer Fun Worksheets. 

These took a little… we’ll call it insanity finesse to get completed with me reading them off and the seven other members of my family shouting out at me. Eventually, we worked out the system that they would raise their hands above their head for “Yes”, wiggle their hands in front of them for “Maybe”, and shake their head for “No”. It was still interesting, but we got through them and now I have a very clear idea what the kids would consider well spent time this summer! 

√ Standard Operating Procedures. 

Ah. My favorite {not!} part of the worksheets! While I completely see the reasoning behind having this set out clearly, I just dreaded compiling eight people’s ideas of what their days should look like into one. So, I started off by telling everyone that this was not a schedule, but a guideline so that once they woke up they could see what came next. Everyone agreed and here is what we came up with: 

  1. No one is allowed to bother Mommy before 7:30am so she can work and pay for all our great summer adventures. 
  2. After breakfast, we need to get ready for the day: showers {if necessary}, brush teeth, brush hair, get dressed, and make our beds. 
  3. Then we need to do some kind of exercise for at least 15 minutes. 

{Then we skipped a few lines to give us time to work in things later}

4. Quiet Time is from 3:30-5:00 so Daddy will be able to participate when he gets home from work. 

{Jude wanted to add ‘so he’s not so cranky at supper, but I used my executive power to veto that tid-bit! hehe!}

5. Children are allowed to play, indoors or out {in pretty weather} until 7:30pm. At 7:30, it is time to calm down for the night. 

6. Bedtimes are moved back to 9pm for little kids, and 10pm for big kids, provided they are following house rules. 

Once I read this week’s challenge, I realized that I have actually completed several things from this week’s homework as well, so I’ll post those later this week and be all caught up!

What about you? Have you spent the last several weeks fretting over what to do with your kids now that summer is upon us? I kid you not, love, The Confident Mom Summer Calendar is worth.every.penny! I fully expect to be commenting back on it in a month or so telling you how it completely saved our summer– besides the fact that the children are already thrilled with the idea of getting to do the activities!! So how are you planning on getting through the summer? 




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