Days Like This…



Have you ever heard that song by the Shirelles, “Mama said?”

(Mama said, mama said)

Mama said there’ll be days like this

There’ll be days like this my mama said

(Mama said, mama said)

Okay, so that song is probably the worst example possible of lyrical prowess in the history of music… but that chorus {including the high-pitched back up singers} is running through my head as I attempt to rest for the first time in approximately 30 hours. 

Go ahead. Say it. 

30 hours, Desi? Really”


That amount of time was entirely preventable, and entirely my fault. A serious writing deadline slipped my mind, and I found myself, at almost 3am, with a workload that would usually take me most of the day to get finished.

{Poor planning on my part, but I actually did complete my workload before coming to blog about it, so no worries there!} 

The good news is that by writing this I have managed to go from feeling like the day was completely unproductive to feeling quite accomplished. The bad news is that I’m not sure that that’s a good thing… 

From 4:15am Friday morning, when my alarm clock went off, here is the short list of the activities that filled my time: 

→ I cleaned my house… twice. {Not including the girls’ bedroom because it didn’t need it.}

→ I cleaned my carport where the neighbor’s dog decided empty the trash can. 

→ I cleaned the yard. 

→ I wrote four blog posts and finished the “Business Side of Blogging” section of my blog. 

→ I oversaw the bathing of all six of my children… twice. 

→ I oversaw and assisted with the dressing of my children… thrice: once for school, once for play, and once for bed.

→ I read 13 pages of The Hobbit out loud, and had an in-depth discussion over the events that take place on those pages. 

→ I cooked four meals, including snack, from scratch. 

→ I entertained a bored 4-year-old with several hours of coloring, story-reading, tickling, & MarioKart {SHHH!!

→ I wrote, by estimate, 12,000 words for the freelance work that I do, which earned me around $120 for 4.5-5 hours of work. 

→ I had discussions and capitalized on teaching moments for character issues with two of my children, and invested about an hour apiece in each of them.

→ I spent 15-20 minutes of one-on-one time with the remaining four children, and carved out a few minutes to talk to my husband after he got home from work. 

→ I spent time listening, and hopefully, counseling a couple dear friends who are struggling with different life situations. 

→ I completed my daily bible and leisure reading {and yes, I schedule my leisure reading the same as I schedule work– it doesn’t happen if I don’t!} 

→ I paid several bills. 

→ I went shopping to pick up a new power adapter for my husband’s Xbox 360. 

→ I researched modest bathing suits and oogled hair accessories, and added both to my budget’s ‘wish list’.

→ I researched, and made a decision about curriculum to use in our homeschool next year, and made plans to buy what I can afford this week, and budgeted the remaining into my paychecks over the next several weeks.  

So what do you think? Did I completely waste my day yesterday? 

And have you ever found yourself feeling awful about what you’ve done, only to realize that you have a fairly impressive ‘Accomplished’ list to brag about? 


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